The Creator of Better Than Rocks

Sarah Atkins

Inventor and Garden Lover

Instead of using rocks in the bottom of my potted plants, I decided to try this recycled plastic mesh so my containers would be lighter.

The results were better than I imagined! The planters were not only lighter and much easier for me to move, but I also realized many other benefits. Each container required less potting soil, and since I could reuse Better Than Rocks year after year, I saved money on my annual potting soil purchases.

I also learned that the planters drained better. My containers were more beautiful then ever because the plants were receiving just the right amount of air and water.

One of the best benefits was the easy fall clean-up. I simply emptied the planters into my perennial beds and used the soil to top my plants for the winter. I then pulled out the pieces of Better Than Rocks, shook them off, rinsed them and placed them back in the pot. I was ready to go for the next season. It was great that I no longer had to deal with rocks or broken terra cotta pot pieces!

If you haven’t tried Better Than Rocks yet, please do! And let us know what we think. We love hearing from all our customers – past and present!

Yours in Green Gardening,